The classes at Central Christian Child Care Center are organized by age and the children’s developmental stage. The ages below are guidelines for each room, not the only determining factor in class movement.

Infants: The Infant Room provides care for babies from 6 weeks of age to 8 months.

Tiny Tots: The Tiny Tots classroom provides care for children from 8 months up to 14 months.

Junior Tots: The Junior Tots classroom provides care for children from  14 months up to approx 24 months.

Busy Bees: The age of children in our Busy Bees classroom generally falls between 24 and 36 months.

Preschool: The age of children in our Preschool classroom are generally between the ages of 30-42 months.

Pre K1:  The age of the children in our Pre K1 classroom is generally between 3 and 4 years old.

Pre K2: Our Pre-K2 classroom provides instruction to children who will be attending Kindergarten at the end of the current instructional year.  Children must turn 5 by August 1 of the year they go to KG.


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