Busy Bees- 2 year olds

Busy Bees
CCCDC class ratio 1:8 State ratio 1:10

The age of children in our Busy Bees classroom generally falls between 24 and 36 months.

As the Busy Bees are quite busy, the curriculum offers much in the areas of fine and gross motor skills. A main focus in this class includes learning communication skills, with teachers continually reminding the children to “use their words”. As this is the room where we begin potty training, self-help skills also become a primary focus in Busy Bees. The teachers in Busy Bees provide developmentally appropriate activities during structured learning times to engage the curious mind of the 2 year old. As the classroom name implies, there is much going on in Busy Bees and structured learning time will be integrated into the daily routine of growing their self-help and communication skills. By the time the children are ready to move to the Preschool classroom, they will be potty-trained, or very close to it.   They will pretty much have communication skills mastered to where they can communicate effectively with their teachers and their peers and will be ready to begin their journey into the Preschool curriculum. It is not a requirement that children in this class be fully potty-trained prior to moving into Preschool, however, we expect most of them will transition into their “underwear” after they move to the Preschool class.

This class takes occasional walks around the block and may, with parent’s permission, take a field trip to one of the favorite downtown destinations. Busy Bees also has access to an outside playground where they will have two scheduled play times per day. When weather does not allow for outside play, the children will go to the large indoor gymnasium where they learn independent play, run off excess energy and learn to follow direction in structured play.

During meal time, the children are introduced to foods from all food groups, where they will become familiar with healthy foods which will help them to develop life-long healthy eating habits.

Our Busy Bees classroom is a great place to Learn. Play. Explore.