5C class ratio: 1:4 State ratio 1:5

The Infant Room provides care for babies from 6 weeks of age to 8 months. There are 3 teachers in our infant classroom who share the duties and routines of the classroom amongst themselves throughout the day. There is also one assistant teacher for the end of day routines. All teachers in our Infant room have been working in childcare for long periods of time, including two teachers who have been here at CCCCC for over 10 years. The other teacher has been with us for over five years.

The teachers in the Infant classroom are ready and willing to accommodate the individual schedules and preferences of parents, including any unique feeding and diapering needs parents request. This level of care helps provide consistency for the infant between the home and the childcare environment.

The Infant classroom is equipped with individual cribs, multiple swings, high chairs, bouncy seats and exer-saucers. To stimulate growth and development of the infants, teachers will provide and encourage use of developmentally appropriate toys and activities. The infants will be exposed to books and music, and will be introduced to toys and activities that will promote their curiosity and build their developmental skills, such as balls, stacking toys, instruments and a variety of other age-appropriate manipulatives and toys.

Infant teachers support all decisions made by the parent and will often help with recommendations when asked. The teachers are always respectful and supportive of parents, every step of the way.

The Infant classroom and toys are cleaned on a regular basis throughout the day to keep the environment clean and free of germs. Sheets are changed daily, or more often if needed.

Our Infant classroom is a great place to Learn. Play. Explore.