Junior Tots

Junior Tots
5C class ratio 1:6 State ratio 1:6

The Junior Tots classroom provides care for children from 14 months up to 24 months. The two teachers in this classroom share formulating the classroom curriculum and routine. They bring a lot of energy and motivation to the children that are excited and anxious to play and learn

The children in Jr Tots explore through reading, music, art and a variety of sensory activities to promote age appropriate development in their cognitive, social and emotional skills. Consistent schedules full of fun and enriching activities nurture your child socially, emotionally and developmentally, to promote a happy and healthy child.

 Activities and play become “teacher-directed” where the children will be learning through that which surrounds them in their environment. The teachers are very careful in their choices of what is added to the learning centers, as everything in the environment is designed to teach and promote the developing skills of toddlers. This is an exciting time in development! Children at this age are very impressionable; their language skills begin to develop, their fine and gross motor skills are challenged, and they begin their journey to efficiency and self-reliance. The teachers in the Jr Tots classroom keep the children busy and engaged, challenging them to create, think and problem-solve.

On occasion and with permission, the children in the Jr Tots class will go on walks in the neighborhood, around the block, and to the fountains. They are exposed to large motor play on a daily basis by having time to play on the playground or in the large gymnasium when weather does not permit them to go outside.

Jr Tots eat breakfast in the cafeteria, have lunch in their room and also have a snack in their room when they wake from their nap. The classroom and toys are cleaned on a daily basis to keep the environment clean and germ-free.

Our Tiny Tots classroom is a great place to Learn. Play. Explore.