Pre K1

Pre K1
5C class ratio 1:12 State ratio 1:12

Pre-K1 is taught by a teacher with a CDA and Director’s Credential who has been with the center for 7 years. The instruction in Pre-K1 revolves around the Whole Language approach to learning, where all areas of development are integrated and learning occurs across all learning domains (reading, writing, math, science, and language arts).

Children learn to work in a cooperative and creative environment to accomplish the following goals:

1) To develop social skills that allow children to handle confrontations in a manner that shows concern for the welfare of others.
2) To provide situations where children learn to work both cooperatively and independently on various tasks.
3) To supply opportunities for children to make successful choices throughout the day
4) To prepare hands-on learning experiences that enable the child to reach his/her potential.
5) To provide children with a safe and stimulating environment in which they can explore and develop socially, emotionally, physically and intellectually.

Through thematic units, the children in Pre-K1 will experience a diverse curriculum that teaches the children to increase their knowledge in subject areas, including that of health and wellness, language arts, social studies, art and geography.

Pre-K1 has two scheduled outdoor playtimes per day. If the weather does not permit outdoor play, there is a large gymnasium the children have access to during their scheduled large motor playtime where they will be learning independent play, following directions in structured play and be able to run off excess energy. On occasion, the Pre-K1 class will take walks and visit areas of interest in the downtown area. The Pre-K1 class will walk to the Library for story time on occasion, and will take field trips with parental help and permission. These children love exploring and learning about their community.

Our Pre-K1 classroom is a great place to Learn. Play. Explore.