Pre K2

Pre K2
5C class ratio 1:12 State ratio 1:14

Our Pre-K2 classroom provides instruction to children who will be attending Kindergarten at the end of the current instructional year. The curriculum in this classroom is advanced, and children will head to Kindergarten with the skills necessary to begin their life-long love of reading, writing and problem solving. This class offers a great foundation for everything that is yet to come once the children graduate and move on to elementary school. Our Pre-K2 teacher has her degree in Elementary Education and has taught in public schools.

The curriculum in Pre-K2 is designed to prepare children for Kindergarten and will focus on math, science, language, reading, writing, art and social studies, along with geography lessons and lessons on health and wellness. The theme of the curriculum is Learning and Growing from A to Z. We use the Houghton-Mifflin Calendar Math program, providing multiple activities to meet the developing minds of the 4-5 year olds. We also use the Handwriting without Tears program to help the children learn to write.  Imagination and exploration are encouraged every week during our Wednesday Science Days! Children will learn to work both independently on tasks and through one-on-one instruction, skills they will find quite useful in Kindergarten. The children will be directed through many developmentally challenging activities which will adequately prepare them for a successful Kindergarten year upon graduation from CCCCC.

Children will have music once a week with a musician that has been teaching music classes at CCCCC for over five years. Pre-K2 will have two performances during the year, one at the Christmas Holiday program and a culminating event at the end of the school year, their Graduation Program.

The Pre-K2 class has two scheduled outdoor playtimes per day. The children will go outside every day as long as the weather permits. If the weather does not permit outdoor play, there is a large gymnasium they will use for play. During this playtime, the children will learn independent play and the teachers will promote positive social and emotional interaction, as well as teach following directions during occasional structured large motor playtime. The children will go for walks and will occasionally, with permission, go on a field trip.

Our Pre-K2 classroom is a great place to Learn. Play. Explore.