5C class ratio 1:10 State ratio 1:10

The Preschool classroom is an instructional classroom that accepts children between the ages of 30-42 months, depending on the time of year the child enters the classroom. The Preschool classroom teacher has a degree in Early Elementary Education as well as over five years of experience working in childcare with children ages 2 to 5 years.

Learning in the Preschool room occurs through play, with a balance between free choice and teacher directed activities. The curriculum in the Preschool classroom uses a variety of activities to integrate learning across the different learning domains. A variety of themes are introduced and support a cooperative and creative learning environment that emphasizes thinking, speaking, reading, writing and problem solving. The teachers in Preschool continue to focus on and promote development of communication and self-help skills. Potty training skills are continuing to develop and children will have mastered this skill prior to leaving Preschool. Teachers also work to foster relationships in an effort to teach positive social/emotional behavior among the children. The children continue to learn about and experience healthy food choices to build an early foundation to healthy living. Teachers will explore making healthy choices through class discussion and thematic units which revolve around making good decisions. Once a week, the children have music class with an experienced musician who has been teaching music to our children at CCCCC for over five years.

Preschool has two scheduled outdoor playtimes per day. If the weather does not permit outdoor play, there is a large gymnasium the children have access to during their scheduled large motor playtime where they will be learning about independent play as well as to follow direction in structured play. The Preschool class will take occasional walks around the block in exploration of their environment. They will also, on occasion and with parent permission, visit the Children’s Theater, Children’s Museum, and other areas of interest that are close to our downtown location. The Library is close by and during months of good weather, the children will walk there for a story time with the Children’s Librarian. When the weather does not permit walking, the Librarian comes to read to the children during the day two times per month.

Our Preschool classroom is a great place to Learn. Play. Explore.