Tiny Tots

Tiny Tots
5C class ratio: 1:4 State ratio: 1:5

The Tiny Tots classroom provides care for children from 8 months up to 14 months. The Tiny Tots teachers are experienced caregivers with many years of working in childcare, including one full time teacher with an educational background in Early Childhood Education.

We have up to ten children in the Tiny Tots classroom with two full time teachers with background and experience working with young children.  Children in the Tiny Tots classroom are learning and developing at a very rapid rate. In order to meet the needs of the children at this age, we provide an ever-changing, creative and developmentally appropriate curriculum. Learning activities and toys are rotated on a regular basis to engage the young child’s curiosity and creativity in their play.

Children at this age learn through their senses, and a large variety of activities offering sensory experiences are offered, including music, books, and many more sensory-oriented toys and activities. The more children at this age can touch, feel, see, hear, taste… the more they learn about the environment around them.

Tiny tot teachers support all decisions made by the parent and will often help with recommendations as time comes for moving on from bottles to cups, from cereal to food, from sitting up to walking. The teachers are always respectful and supportive of parents, every step of the way
Tiny Tots eat lunch in their room and have periodic snacks throughout the day. Toys are washed daily to keep the environment clean and germfree.

Our Tiny Tots classroom is a great place to Learn. Play. Explore.