We believe every age has unique learning opportunities! Student to teacher ratios are among the best-in-class to ensure each child receives the attention they need at every age. Curriculum is built to foster curiosity and exploration in the developmental areas of reading, math, science and social experiences. Teachers help to develop fine and gross motor skills, communication skills as well as self-help skills. Each class curriculum builds upon the curriculum from the previous class, all in preparation for your child to go on to kindergarten for a successful experience in school.

We offer a music program for children ages 1-5. The music program is led by an experienced music professional who is very well-versed in many instruments and who has been teaching the children at Central Christian Child Care Center for over five years. The music instructor introduces the children to a variety of instruments and a planned music curriculum. The children in our  Pre-K1 class and Pre-K2 class have a musical performance at Christmas, and Pre-K2 also has a Graduation Performance at the end of the academic year for those children going to kindergarten the following fall.


The indoor gym allows us to keep a daily commitment to large motor play every day, regardless of the weather. Healthy habits are learned, and we want to build and support the foundation for your child to make healthy choices on their own. Our commitment to healthy choices starts as early as the infant room where we accommodate your nutritional and diapering decisions.

We understand that children can be picky eaters, but introducing them to healthy foods on a routine basis encourages healthy eating habits and promotes those already in place at home. We work with parents to meet the needs of those children with allergies and special circumstances, allowing meal items to be brought in as needed for children not able to participate in meal or snack due to restrictions based on religion or allergy.




We are fortunate to have a strong connection with Central Christian Church and with the downtown community. We are a member of the Downtown Lexington Corporation (DLC) and are intentional about exploring the neighborhood on walks, participation in downtown events, and communication with downtown businesses. The library is close by, and is a place the older children will visit regularly. We have a good working relationship with the Children’s Department at the library, and for classes that cannot walk to the library or when the children cannot visit due to inclement weather, one of the librarians from the Children’s Department will visit CCCCC to read to the children. We are also invited to participate in special programs offered by the library, such as puppet shows, theatrical performances and special visitors.

As an investment in the community and in support of the original mission of Central Christian Church, Central Christian Child Care Center offers partial scholarships to families that need financial assistance. Applications are taken upon enrollment and reviewed in January and June of each year. Applications are also taken upon “crisis” situations in the family (losing a job, a family medical emergency, a change in family dynamics, etc…), reviewed and considered for short-term assistance while working through the crisis. There is a scholarship committee that accepts, reviews and awards scholarships, where funds will be awarded fairly based on financial need.