DIRECTOR: Elizabeth Wolford

Liz has been with center since the opening in 1989 and has served as CCCCC Director since 1992. Liz has 30+ years of experience in early childhood education. Previously, Liz worked as a Montessori Preschool teacher, a Preschool teacher, and a Pre-K teacher.  She has both a Bachelor and a Master of Science degree in Early Childhood Education from the University of Kentucky.  Liz served on the Child Care Council board for approximately 10 years, and has been involved on several child care task forces which formulated and led the way in what is now known as “best practices in Early Childhood Education”.  Liz very much understands the needs of working parents, as she is one herself. Liz is married and has three children, all of whom attended CCCCC.


Jacinta Peake has been with CCCCC since 2007.  She has her Elementary Education degree from the Eastern Kentucky University and taught in the public school system prior to settling in here at CCCCC.  Jacinta began as an Assistant teacher in Preschool, soon taking over the role as lead teacher in Preschool and later moved into our Pre-K2 classroom to prepare our 4-5 year olds for KG.  Jacinta still holds the role as Pre-K2 teacher in the mornings, becoming our Afternoon Program Manager during the afternoon portion of the day.  Jacinta has older twins, one with special needs, and she also has an infant, which currently attends CCCCC.  She is a working mother and very much understands the challenges of working families.


All staff working with your child are trained, caring professionals. The staff is currently certified in C.P.R. and First Aid.  All staff must pass a police records check and abuse/neglect registry check prior to employment.

Mattie Graves, Infants, Mattie is a Lexington native and has been working at Central Christian since 2000. Mattie is a proud mother of 4 and a grandmother. “I love working with the babies from 6 weeks to 15 months of age”!

Erika, Infants, Erika has a masters degree in cosmetology but her passion is for children. She has been with the center since 2001 and has also worked as site director for the after school program (ESP) at Booker T. Washington Elementary in 2007. Erika is a mother of one. “I believe working with children is a calling and requires patience and the love of a mother. It is such a blessing to work with the children at Central Christian”.

Tonya Gonzales, Crawlers, Tonya has been a teacher at CCCCC since April 2015.  Tonya is currently working on her Child Development Associates.  Tonya has a one year old who now attends CCCCC in the Busy Bees classroom.

Sally Rice, Tiny Tots, Sally worked in the infant room at Central Christian in 1993 and 1994 and after a short leave returned as the Tiny Tots teacher. She has over 40 years experience with children and thoroughly enjoys this type of work. “This center is where my heart is when I can’t be home”. Sally has three grown children and four grandchildren.

McKenna Bartko, Tiny Tots, This is McKenna’s first year at Central Christian. She currently works with Ms. Sally in our Tiny Tots classroom and is a wonderful new addition to that room. McKenna is also the Assistant director for Mentor and Meals, a nonprofit organization that provides tutoring to middle school students. McKenna also has a Bachelors of Arts degree in Community Support Services.

Kerri Sapp, Jr. Tots, Kerri has been with 5C since August 2015.

Rhonda Haney, Busy Bees, Rhonda came to CCCCC in August 2017 as the lead teacher in Busy Bees.

Kayla Boyd, Busy Bees

Rebecca Goosey, Preschool, Rebecca came to CCCCC in July 2015 as an Assistant teacher in Busy Bees.  Rebecca spent her first year learning and growing about two year olds and their needs.  She quickly moved into the lead teaching position in Busy Bees as our Busy Bees teacher moved over to Preschool to take on the teaching role with our 3 year olds.  She currently works in our Preschool classroom with Ms. Shay preparing our 3 year olds for Pre-K 1. Rebecca has background experience working with young children as she taught at Model Lab school in Richmond, Kentucky.

Shay Wright-Fields, Preschool,  Shay began teaching in our Busy Bees classroom at CCCCC in May 2015.  In June 2016, Shay moved from Busy Bees to take a lead teaching position in our Preschool classroom.  Shay has multiple degrees, and is a very talented teacher.  Shay is a mother of 2 children, understanding the needs of working mothers.

Emily Castle, Pre-K1, Emily has been at CCCCC since August 2010.  Emily is a gifted artist as well as teacher, and she uses her creativity in the classroom as well as helping out other teachers with their projects.  Emily has taught in Busy Bees, Preschool, Pre-K2 and is now taking on the role of Pre-K1 teacher.

Mary Price, Pre-K 1, Mary is a mother to 3 boys and has been working at CCCCC since 2013.

Emily Williams, Pre-K 2 Emily joined the CCCCC family in 2016 in the Pre-K 2 classroom.  She is currently working on her preschool CDA through Morehead University.  Before coming to CCCCC, Emily worked in Human Resources with various companies.  She has an associate degree in Business from Sullivan University.  Emily loves working with the children in Pre-K 2 and they love working with her.

Jacinta Peake, Pre-K2, Jacinta holds a bachelors degree in Elementary Education from Eastern Kentucky University. She has been in multiple roles at Central Christian since 2007 and has been in Pre-K2 for 3 of those years. Jacinta is married with a set of twins (in high school) and a child in the Busy Bees classroom.


Consists of Central Christian Church members and parent representatives. They oversee the entire program and are ultimately responsible for the center.